We are offering about thirty colours and patterns in our present range that brings new aesthetic accent to any interior with its shiny painted surface look.
Our already broad range of colours becomes more extensive every month!

See the patterns; we would like to offer you:



Set 1-4 Flowerpots CLASSIC with saucers diameter
13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 21cm

Set Flowerpots SQUARE with saucers
 diagonal size  : 10cm, 13cm, 17cm, 20cm



CLASSIC "5" with saucers 25cm

CLASSIC "6" with saucers 30cm

BARREL "4" with saucers 21cm



Set Flowerpots BARRELS with saucers diameter 10cm, 14cm, 18cm


Clasic "7" with saucer
height 31cm diameter 37cm




Set 1-3 Flowerpots Palm with saucers diameter
 fi21 h28, fi26 h33, fi30 h37

Set 1-4 Flowerpots CLASSIC HIGH with saucers diameter
 13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 21cm





BOWLS Set 1-3 Flowerpots diameter 18cm, 22cm, 28cm



Small Garden "1" with saucer length  29cm,
width 11cm

Medium Garden "2" with saucer ,
length 29cm, width 13cm

Big Garden "3" with saucer,
length 33cm, width 17cm




Set 1-5 Flowerpots with saucers diagonal size:
11cm, 14cm, 17cm, 20cm, 24cm




Big garden "4" with saucers
height 46cm, width 17cm

Set 1-4 Flowerpots CLASSIC HIGH with saucers diameter
13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 21cm



Bouquet Vase height 18 cm

Tubular Vase height 19cm

Oval Vase height 20 cm



Squat Vase Big height  21cm

Squat Vase small height 11 cm

Humidifier height 24cm width 20cm



Półwalec 1-4 with saucers
height 10cm diameter 14cm, height 12,5cm diameter 17cm , height 14,5cm diameter 20cm, height 17cm diameter 25cm


Półclassic 1-3 with saucers
height 12cm diameter 21cm , height 14cm diameter 24,5cm , height 17cm diameter 29cm